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A Buying Group saving time and cutting costs for farmers

Samco works as an extension of members’ farm offices

Benefits of joining Samco

farmers co operative

Cost Effective Buying Service

Samco works as an extension of members’ farm offices

farmers co operative

Provides Market Updates

Providing quality & financially intelligent services to farms. Calling you, when target prices are triggered & before markets become unstable.

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Join to Boost your Purchasing

Joining is free for Farm, Associate & Fuel memberships. Call to discuss an application.

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South Anglia Farmer's Co-Operative

Samco is a members buying group with 1666 + farms and 60 years’ experience of providing quality and financially intelligent services to the farming community. By knowing our members requirements, we integrate as an extension of their farm offices, providing service and savings unique to Samco. Our goal is to exceed members’ expectations, by continuously improving our service and prices.

Call us today at 01279 656523 or Email us at enquiries@samco.org.uk

About Us

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No Joining Fee, Free Membership for 12 months

  • Benefit 1
    Samco works as an extension to your farm office saving you time and money.

  • Benefit 2
    Busy day ahead but need prices urgently? Ask Samco to find you best quotes, whilst you tackle your day.

  • Benefit 3
    Intelligent purchasing - best priced fertiliser on any day might save £10 pmt., but best price of the season may save £100, Samco gives you informed choices.

  • Benefit 4
    Easy administration - one monthly invoice and one payment for all your purchases.

About Samco

Samco is a co-operative buying group owned by its member shareholders and operates from offices in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, formed in 1963.

Making Savings

For example, in recent times our members have saved a whopping 35ppl at the pump by using our fuel cards and up to 31% on their Machinery Hire for tractors, telehandlers, plant and tool hire.

300 Suppliers Nationwide

Savings are made on the key farming inputs, but also for gas, healthcare, life insurance, building, plumbing & electrical supplies, white goods and telecoms. We help our farmers save up to £70 per hectare 30% on input costs.

Our Stats

  • Nationwide Suppliers
  • Farm Members
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300 Suppliers Nationwide


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